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Diamond Turning
MOI's Diamond Turning Equipment consists of the following
Custom Built Single Point Diamond Turning  "SPDT" "Fly-Cutting" Machines

Diamond Turning materials consists of variety of Bare Aluminum 6061, 5052
and 7075, Electroless Nickel Plated Substrates, Copper, & Invar

MOI's Diamond Turning produces "plano" or flat optics

The sizes of components can range up to 15" in length and the optical
requirements are typically 1/8 wave PV or better depending on the part
geometry or aspect ratios and 40-80 angstroms RMS for surface roughness.

MOI's Diamond Turning Machines can meet tight angular requirements for
Polygons or scanner optics.

The Diamond Turning Machine Controllers were upgraded in 2009 with PC
Boards to allow for quick repairs and expansion slots were added for future

MOI has a total of 6 Diamond Turning "Fly-Cutting" Machines at our facility