Established in 1994, Manasota Optics, Inc. was founded by David Lowery after acquiring assets from
Applied Optics Center which was closed by IMO Industries (AOC's parent company in 1993). MOI is
comprised of personnel with 30 - 35 years experience in diamond turning, polishing, and coating of flat
"plano" and spherical metal optical components.  In 2004, a second 5,000 square foot building was
purchased in the same industrial park.  This second building gives Manasota Optics a total space of
10,000 square feet.  In 2014, MOI became a majority woman owned business.

MOI is proud to announce that in August 2008, MOI quality's system became an ISO 9001:2000
registered company. In August 2009, MOI upgraded their quality system to ISO 9001:2008 registered.  
MOI upgraded to become ISO 9001:2015 registered in 2018. Please see our certificate in the
Certifications Section.  

MOI fabricates metal optical components (Diamond Turned Aluminum, Nickel Plated Aluminum,
Copper, Silver, Invar, AlBeMet, a variety of Stainless Steels, and Titanium) for Military and Commercial

  • Defense related (both Domestically & Internationally)- (i.e sighting systems in military vehicles,
    laser range finders, targeting systems, biological/chemcial detection systems, and Infrared
    Counter Measure systems)
  • Commercial - (i.e. Medical Industry, Bar Code Scanners, Microscopes, 3D Alternative Metals,

Currently MOI is a build to print manufacturer, but has extensively worked with many customers
through engineering and procurement to create a product that is not only functional, but is also cost
efficient for our customers.

Our Manufacturing Process: Machined substrates are purchased from outside suppliers or supplied by
our customer.  Through Process Travelers, Work Instructions, or Approved Testing Procedures, our
processes are geared to ensure customer compliance is met.

Our manufacturing facility is located inside the "Northgate West" Complex at 1743 Northgate Blvd, in
Sarasota, Florida. We are located within 5 miles of the Bradenton / Sarasota International Airport and
about 55 miles from the Tampa International Airport.

Our 1749 Northgate Blvd. location houses our Electroless Nickel Facility and our administrative offices.
Various programs that MOI has been proud to be a part of
M1A1 & M1A2 -
Abrams Tanks
M60 Tank
Manasota Optics has produced optical components directly through
the United States Government, several universities as well as some
of the companies listed below:
Manasota Optics has an export license though the Department of State and
exports optical components overseas to Turkey as well as Germany.
Lightweight Laser
Designator Rangefinder
Mark VII Hand held  
Laser Rangefinder
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