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MOI's Polishing Equipment consists of the following
72" Strasbaugh Planetary Polisher
9 Single Spindle Polishing / Lapping Machines
1 Dual Spindle Polishing / Lapping Machine

Polishing and Grinding materials consists of Electroless Nickel
Plated Substrates, Copper, a variety of Stainless Steels, AlBeMet
and Titanium.

MOI's polishing and grinding can produce "plano" or flat optics as
well as spherical components.

The sizes of components can range up to 24" in diameter and the
optical requirements are typically 1/8 wave or better PV and 20-40
angstroms RMS for surface roughness

The planetary polisher has a lap surface which accommodates
three 26” polishing rings, allowing us to polish three 24” mirrors at
one time.  MOI also has tooling capabilities to produce many
smaller components within the 26" ring. The flatness of the lap is
controlled by a  40” conditioning granite rock, which results in
controlled material removal and near identical flatness of the
mirrors in the polishing rings.

The single and dual spindle machines give MOI the autonomy to
run many different components simultaneously that have different
sizes, shapes and or optical requirements.
Front View of 72" Planetary Polisher
Side View of 72" Planetary Polisher
MOI Single Spindle Polishers