Testing &
MOI has the ability to provide testing services with charts or
reflectivity curves with very quick turnarounds in the following areas:

UV, Visible, and Near IR Spectrophometer readings using our
PerkinElmer Lambda 950 with the URA Attachment.  Coating
wavelengths range from 200nm to 3.3 Microns.

Stress Relieve using our Blue M Oven with temperature extremes
from ambient to 500 Degrees F.

Thermal Cycle using our Tenney TC30 Thermal Chamber with
extreme ranges between -100 Degrees F to 212 Degrees F

Humidity & Thermal Cycle Capabilities with 95% Humidity for 24+
Hours at 120 Degrees F Testing and Thermal Cycle Testing of -100
Degrees F + 375 Degrees with Cincinnati Sub Zero Chamber
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