Manasota Optics, Inc. (MOI) is a “build to print” manufacturer of metal optical components that are used in the Defense and Aerospace Sector. MOI fabricates optics that are used in various sighting systems in military vehicles, laser rangefinders, targeting and infrared countermeasure systems, scanners, biological & chemical detection systems and space applications.

Diamond TruingManasota Optics' Diamond Turning Equipment consists of the following Custom-Built Single Point Diamond Turning “SPDT" "Fly-Cutting" Machines. Diamond Turning materials consists of variety of Bare Aluminum 6061, 5052 and 7075, Electroless Nickel Plated Substrates, Copper, and Invar. MOI's Diamond Turning produces "plano" or flat optics.

The sizes of components can range up to 15" in length and the optical requirements are typically 1/8 wave PV or better depending on the part geometry or aspect ratios and 40-80 angstroms RMS for surface roughness.

MOI's Diamond Turning Machines can meet tight angular requirements for Polygons or scanner optics.

The Diamond Turning Machine Controllers have been upgraded to allow for quick repairs and expansion slots were added for future upgrades.


Bare Aluminum, Copper, Silver, Invar, and Brass as well as Nickel Plated Aluminum

  • Plano (Flat) Optics up to 15” in length.
  • 1/8 Wave PV, 40-80 Angstroms RMS
  • Ability to hold tight angular tolerances

Optics Polishing and GrindingManasota Optic's Polishing/Grinding Department can produce "plano" or flat optics as well as spherical components. The sizes of components can range up to 24" in diameter and the optical requirements are typically 1/8 wave or better PV and 20-40 angstroms RMS for surface roughness.

The planetary polisher has a lap surface which accommodates three 26” polishing rings, allowing us to polish three 24” mirrors at one time.  MOI also has tooling capabilities to produce many smaller components within the 26" ring. The flatness of the lap is controlled by a 40” conditioning granite rock, which results in controlled material removal and near identical flatness of the mirrors in the polishing rings.

The single and dual spindle machines give MOI the autonomy to run many different components simultaneously that have different sizes, shapes and or optical requirements.

MOI's Polishing Equipment consists of the following:

  • 72" Strasbaugh Planetary Polisher
  • 9 Single Spindle Polishing / Lapping Machines
  • 1 Dual Spindle Polishing / Lapping Machine

Polishing and Grinding materials consists of Electroless Nickel Plated Substrates, Copper, a variety of Stainless Steels, AlBeMet and Titanium.

Testing and Environmental ServicesManasota Optics can provide testing and environmental services with charts or reflectivity curves with very quick turnarounds in the following areas:

  • UV, Visible, and Near IR Spectrophometer readings using our PerkinElmer Lambda 950 with the URA Attachment.  Coating wavelengths range from 200nm to 3.3 Microns.
  • Stress Relieve using our Blue M Oven with temperature extremes from ambient to 500 Degrees F.
  • Thermal Cycle using our Tenney TC30 Thermal Chamber with extreme ranges between -100 Degrees F to 212 Degrees F
  • Humidity & Thermal Cycle Capabilities with 95% Humidity for 24+ Hours at 120 Degrees F Testing and Thermal Cycle Testing of -100 Degrees F + 375 Degrees with Cincinnati Sub Zero Chamber
  • Metrology and Optical Testing EquipmentZygo® GPI-XP Phase Shift Interferometer Capable of measuring up to 6” diameter area
  • Zygo® 6" Dynaflect Transmission Flat
  • Zygo® 4" Transmission Flat
  • Zygo® Transmission Sphere f/0.75
  • Zygo® Transmission Sphere f/1.5
  • Zygo® Transmission Sphere f/3.3
  • Zygo® Transmission Sphere f/7.2
  • Zygo® Mark II Interferometer with radius slide attachment
  • (2) Zygo® 4-6" Beam Expanders
  • Newport® 18' Isolation Table
  • Davidson® D-305L Interferometer
  • For Larger Optics:
  • 18" Collimating Lens, OSTI
  • Davidson 16" Optical Flat
  • Richey Commons Sphere
  • Perkin Elmer Lambda 950 Spectrophotometer with URA Attachment (Absolute Reflectance Measurement) for Reflectivity ranges from 200nm - 3300nm UV to Near IR
  • Perkin Elmer GX Optica FTIR Spectrophotometer for Reflectivity ranges from 1 Micron - 25+ Microns Contains PIKE II Variable Angle Accessory
  • WYKO NCP-1000 Non-Contact Profilometer with 20X objective
  • Tenney TC-30 Temperature Thermal Chamber with a Watlow F4 Controller and a Honeywell DR4500 Chart Recorder
  • Blue M Temperature Stress Relieve Chamber with a Watlow F4 Controller and a Honeywell DR4500 Chart Recorder
  • Cincinnati Sub Zero Bench Top Humidity Chamber with a Watlow F4 Controller and a Honeywell DR4500 Chart Recorder
  • Nikon 6D Autocollimator with calibrated angle blocks
  • Ultradex® - Sub Arc Second Rotary Table
  • Nikon SMZ-645 Stereo Microscope with stand. 8X-50X Magnification with calibrated stage micrometer.
  • Optical clean flow benches as well as black boxes with 40 watt lighting sources for testing per Military Specifications
  • A variety of optical tooling with testing lenses (both flat and spherical), beam expanders, precision granite surface plates, transmission flats and transmission spheres, half aluminized scratch/dig standards, and precision angle blocks to hold tight tolerances to customer specifications
  • Mechanical test equipment consists of micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, threaded gage plugs, and go no-go pins.
  • MOI's mechanical equipment also has precision drop indicators with displays from Heidenhain (MT-25) as well as Mitutoyo.

MOI's calibration system follows ANSI Z540.3 & ISO10012

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