• Metrology and Optical Testing EquipmentZygo® GPI-XP Phase Shift Interferometer Capable of measuring up to 6” diameter area
  • Zygo® 6" Dynaflect Transmission Flat
  • Zygo® 4" Transmission Flat
  • Zygo® Transmission Sphere f/0.75
  • Zygo® Transmission Sphere f/1.5
  • Zygo® Transmission Sphere f/3.3
  • Zygo® Transmission Sphere f/7.2
  • Zygo® Mark II Interferometer with radius slide attachment
  • (2) Zygo® 4-6" Beam Expanders
  • Newport® 18' Isolation Table
  • Davidson® D-305L Interferometer
  • For Larger Optics:
  • 18" Collimating Lens, OSTI
  • Davidson 16" Optical Flat
  • Richey Commons Sphere
  • Perkin Elmer Lambda 950 Spectrophotometer with URA Attachment (Absolute Reflectance Measurement) for Reflectivity ranges from 200nm - 3300nm UV to Near IR
  • Perkin Elmer GX Optica FTIR Spectrophotometer for Reflectivity ranges from 1 Micron - 25+ Microns Contains PIKE II Variable Angle Accessory
  • WYKO NCP-1000 Non-Contact Profilometer with 20X objective
  • Tenney TC-30 Temperature Thermal Chamber with a Watlow F4 Controller and a Honeywell DR4500 Chart Recorder
  • Blue M Temperature Stress Relieve Chamber with a Watlow F4 Controller and a Honeywell DR4500 Chart Recorder
  • Cincinnati Sub Zero Bench Top Humidity Chamber with a Watlow F4 Controller and a Honeywell DR4500 Chart Recorder
  • Nikon 6D Autocollimator with calibrated angle blocks
  • Ultradex® - Sub Arc Second Rotary Table
  • Nikon SMZ-645 Stereo Microscope with stand. 8X-50X Magnification with calibrated stage micrometer.
  • Optical clean flow benches as well as black boxes with 40 watt lighting sources for testing per Military Specifications
  • A variety of optical tooling with testing lenses (both flat and spherical), beam expanders, precision granite surface plates, transmission flats and transmission spheres, half aluminized scratch/dig standards, and precision angle blocks to hold tight tolerances to customer specifications
  • Mechanical test equipment consists of micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, threaded gage plugs, and go no-go pins.
  • MOI's mechanical equipment also has precision drop indicators with displays from Heidenhain (MT-25) as well as Mitutoyo.

MOI's calibration system follows ANSI Z540.3 & ISO10012

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